Công nghệ, thiết bị, nhà cung cấp, dây chuyền, máy công nghiệp trên sàn hatex.vn

Công nghệ, thiết bị, nhà cung cấp, dây chuyền, máy công nghiệp trên sàn hatex.vn

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Pa lăng xích kéo tay 0.5T-10T LIFTPAND

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Thông tin nhà cung cấp

1. Description of Manual Chain Block

Chain block also named chain fall, has the advantages of portability, easy maintenance, highly mechanical efficiency and durability. It's widely used in factories, construction sites, mining, warehouses, etc, combing with beams or trolleys under no-power and open conditions.

2. Features of VT type Chain Fall 

· This series adopts Japan technology. It's proven to be an ecomomic method to lift heavy loads with ease.

· Powder coated finish and zinc plated components are beautiful and resist corrosion.

· Sealed bearings maximize efficiency.

· Double pawl mechanism insures positive load control.

· Forged and heat treated hooks will deform slowly rather than break if overload.

· Premium alloy steel G80 load chain ensures safe and smooth lifting.

3. Classifications of Chain Block

Capacity : 250kg - 1000 kgs

Forms: Round type(single ratchet, single pawl) , triangle type(single ratchet, double pawls) and overall casing type( double ratchets , double pawls, special curling cover designs and qualified parts)

Use: General hoist, explosion-proof hoist and stage hoist.


4. Precaution of Using

1) Before you use the chain hoist, please do remember to check the hooks and bodies, the brake device and lubrication of transmitting parts, and load chains in good condition as well as the die motions.

2) Do not use two or more chain hoists to lift one weight

3) Do not operate chain hoist when load is not centered under hoist

4) Do not allow the hook block or stop block to contact bottom of chain hoist

5) Do not remove or obscure this warning label

6) Do not lift more than capacity

7) Do not operate with twisted, kinked or damaged chain

8) Do not lift people or loads over people. 

5. Factory Chain Falls Testing

There are complete production and testing equipments in our factory. Every spare part is tested by professional QC during production and will also 100% tested before delivery to assure the quality.