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The permanent Lifting Magnet is a device designed to lift objects multifold its own weight. How is this possible? This is made possible by a permanent magnet intended for the purpose of lifting substances made of steel from one place to another

Star Trace the foremost manufacturers, suppliers and exporters have devised Permanent Lifting Magnets in seven different strengths i.e. depending on the load to be picked up choice of lifting magnet will differ. This range was suggested after carefully studying the sales order from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India and world over. We also cater to specific requirements of clients when requested. The operation of the magnetic lifter is simple and can be done with ease.

Components that build the Permanent Lifting Magnet:

A powerful Neodymium magnet is safely placed in a non erosive case as a measure to protect it from wear and tear. A sturdy hook is provided on top to be used for attaching the lifting magnet to a crane or any other moving machine. A lever is provided on the side of the permanent lifting magnet which is the sole controller of magnetic activity. The entire working of magnetic lifter does not require electricity which is one of the very many saving factors.


Putting the magnetic lifter to action just involves the movement of the knob from OFF position to ON position after placing it on the object to be lifted. Skilled labour is not mandatory for the process. On bringing the knob to ON mark the magnetic field is applied and grasping of the metal plate happens. Now the role of the lifter comes into effect and relocation will be accomplished.

  • Assess the mass of the item to be shifted, this ensures safety at first level.
  • Center of Gravity of the object to be moved should be determined as accurately as possible, this makes certain the even balance.
  • See to it that the surface is free of lubrication, rust or worn out paint as these may have an impact on efficiency.
  • Ensure that all fasteners are relieved.
  • Flexibility has to be considered.
  • Lever should always reach the extremes for both working and rest situation.
  • Follow the instruction manual strictly.
  • The permanent lifting magnet scores well over the conventional manual lifting as safe rides are guaranteed. Mishaps and serious consequences are given no room which is not the case when manually shifting.
  • The pace at which work is completed is incomparable, thus saving on time and indirectly money. Shipment or unloading will be carried out without hassle and within the scheduled duration with out damage.
  • Labour cost can be cut down.

From our point of view as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters every manufacturing unit big or small should invest in sales of permanent lifting magnet. If one is not able to decide on the kind of permanent lifting magnet contact our sales team in Chennai, Tamilnadu, or in any of our branch office in India & abroad to know more. We will assist you in taking an informed decision.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent lifting magnets are small wonders which are capable of lifting objects multi fold their weight. They are safe, efficient and time saving when compared to manual handling. Physical handling involves a lot of risk, there are possibilities of miss judgement of the load to be handled and may result in irreversible damage to humans and finished products.

On the other hand permanent lifting magnet never brings in chances of mishap, when adhering to instruction manual rules. Permanent magnetic lifter uses a powerful Neodymium magnet seated inside a fully covered case compact in nature. Magnetic activity is brought to contact with the material to be lifted upon operating a lever. Once the permanent lifting magnet is engaged to work there is perfection till completion and the lever can be brought to off position.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

There are varied sizes in permanent lifting magnet. The grading of magnet is basically on their capacity to lift heavy objects. Lifting a small weight does not require a very powerful permanent lifting magnet at the same time a small permanent magnet would not be efficient enough, so great care has to be taken in choosing the right sized permanent magnetic lifter. Construction and working:

Powerful Neodymium magnet is contained in a non erosive case. On / off leaver is facilitated to engage / disengage the permanent magnet into activity. A strong hook is provided on top to attach the lifting magnet to the moving crane or any other device used for shifting. NO electricity is required for the operation.


If a low carbon steel plate has to be transported from shop floor to transportation area the steps to be followed are as follows

  • Place the Lifting Magnet on the steel plate assessing it center.
  • Turn on the handle from OFF position to ON.
  • Connect the hook of the Lifting Magnet with the fastening strap or clasp of the lifer.
  • Lift gently and start moving towards the direction of placement.
  • Upon reaching the spot place it on a firm place.
  • To release the Permanent Lifting Magnet off its magnetic activity bring the lever to off position.
  • The lifer can now be removed and same process can be repeated.
Please note:
  • The surface of the object to be lifted must be free from grease.
  • Assess the weight of the load and center of gravity as accurately as possible.
  • Ensure that the lever is moved to the extremes for fixture as well as release.
  • Make sure the cargo is released of all fastenings before lifting.
  • Take note of the flexibility of the load.
  • Permanent Magnetic Lifter does not lift plastic, wood, aluminum or fibrous material.
  • Warehouses where heavy material handling is regular.
  • Loading and unloading of machines.
  • Transferring coiled steel sheets (both vertical & horizontal) to processing or cutting area.
  • Piling or stacking in containers for shipment.

The Permanent Magnetic Lifter of Star Trace undergoes multi level checking to ensure quality and standards in every step of its making. Durability, excellence and cost effectiveness are our trademarks, which have contributed to our strong footing in the industry.

Technical Data of Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Model No Holding Value
Flat Items (Kg)
Holding Value
Round Items (Kg)
STR 100 100 50 100 65 70 5
STR 200 250 250 150 100 100 10
STR 600 600 300 250 120 115 25
STR 1000 1000 500 320 175 160 30
STR 2000 2000 1000 375 230 210 125
STR 3000 3000 1500 460 285 260 220
STR 6000 6000 3000 600 430 355 420
Stated Value Model No. Holding Value & Max. Sheet Size for Specified Material Thickness
5 mm 6 mm 9 mm 12 mm 19 mm 25 mm
100 Kgs STR 100 63 Kgs (4' x 4') 75 Kgs (4' x 4') 113 Kgs (4' x 4') 85 Kgs (3' x 3') 89 Kgs (2' x 3') 89 Kgs (2' x 2.5')
250 Kgs STR 250 94 Kgs (4' x 6') 123 Kgs (4' x 6') 275 Kgs (4' x 8') 300 Kgs (4' x 8') 296 Kgs (4' x 5') 296 Kgs (4' x 4')
600 Kgs STR 600 - - - 365 Kgs (4' x 8') 600 Kgs (4' x 8') 600 Kgs (4' x 8')
1000 Kgs STR 1000 - - - - 440 Kgs (4' x 8') 656 Kgs (4' x 8')

Lifting Magnets

Magnets are used for lifting heavy steel objects from one place to another either within the manufacturing unit or for shipment. Lifting magnet is an efficient lifter of load and steel scrap, saving time and effort. It would have been a marathon task if only the lifting magnets were not put to use. There are other devices like mechanical tongs which were used for lifting but they could not match the performance of lifting magnet in terms of speed, accuracy and safety.

Load lifting magnet is of two types
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Electro Magnet