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Công nghệ, thiết bị, nhà cung cấp, dây chuyền, máy công nghiệp trên sàn hatex.vn

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Thông tin nhà cung cấp

Plate-type electrostatic separator utilizes the difference in the electronic surface structure of the particles involved in the charging mechanism. When two dissimilar particles rub against each other, there is a transfer of electrons (charges) from the surface of one particle to the other.

This results in one of the particles being positively charged and the other being negatively charged. The charged particles, when under the influence of an electric field, move towards the oppositely polarized electrode. so different minerals can be separated. This is the working principle of Plate-type electrostatic separator.


Early electrostatic separation is mainly used for re-election of crude ore, stone, such as zirconium, rutile, ilmenite and monazite,cassiterite and tantalum, niobium and iron ore, cassiterite and scheelite.In recent years, gradually expanding range of applications, selection of hematite concentrate has been used, producing ultra- pure iron ore, feldspar and quartz separation, sorting and diamond crude phosphate rock concentrate, and has successfully achieved the potassium electrostatic of industrial applications.


Mineral particles get into the friction device of friction roller - type electric machine or vibrating type Plate-type electrostatic separator machine after entering them. Particles which have different dielectric constant will be charged by particles contact, friction and impact with each other or particles contact, friction and impact with a material surface of the Plate-type electrostatic separator device. Charged particles reach into the high-voltage electrostatic field from the distributor, they are separated in there.According to the principle of the same charges will be excluded, and different charges will be attracted, positive charged particles move to the negative plate in the high-voltage electrostatic field, and negative charged particles move to the positive plate, electric field force doesn't influence particles which doesn’t charged, those particles trajectories are vertical line in the high-voltage electrostatic field. In the high-voltage electrostatic field bottom particles are separated three products which are concentrate, middling and tailing.