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Công ty TNHH thiết bị cẩu Hà Bắc Kunda Quốc gia: Trung Quốc Tỉnh thành: Khác Ngày tham gia: 09/08/2019 Thành viên miễn phí Sản phẩm chính: palang xích điện, palang xích mini, palang dây, palang xich, palang đòn bẩy Lượt truy cập: 3,507 Xem thêm Liên hệ

TY1 Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley

Ngày đăng: 13/11/2019

Giá tham khảo: 515 USD

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Bảo hành: 1 year

Phương thức thanh toán: TT/LC

Khả năng cung cấp: 5000

Đóng gói: Yes

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Product advantages

1. Practical And Reliable, Multi-Protection

TOYO TY1 electric chain hoist is a new type of small lifting equipment. It is an ideal equipment for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading goods and working. It is more flexible and convenient to use in a small space workplace, safe and convenient, light weight, small size, high working level, good safety performance, high reliability and low failure rate. With an electric sports car, you can walk up and down the I-beam, usually in fourdirections: up, down, left and right.

2. Shell Attack

Cast aluminum housing, sturdy and impact resistant, special heat dissipation design, more heat dissipation and lighter weight. The protection level is IP55, which is more applicable.

3. High-Strength Chain

The chain reaches the international G80 grade, and can also be customized with a higher G100 grade. It adopts carbon black technology and has strong anti-corrosion effect and strong wear resistance.

4. Handle Button

The standard handle feels comfortable and the buttons are simple and easy to operate. High quality lift switch, button controller control voltage with emergency stop button.


Low-maintenance and easy-operation

SIMENZ contactor control for single speed

Robust aluminium die-cast body for a higher heat dissipation

Upper-Lower Limit Switch: turns the motor off when the highest or lowest points have been reached

Newly developed load sheave: smooth and low-noise operation

Gearbox: Helical gears offer a smooth and quiet operation

Ergonomic and user-friendly push button control (Protection Class IP 65)

Thermal motor protector

Top hook suspension: hook or overhead mounting suspension can be attached or dismantled with very little effort (except for F-body)